The world’s first personalized brain scan is here

Get actionable insights, understandable results, and a custom Action Plan built for your brain’s unique needs.

It’s your body’s most important organ

Discover how your brain functions

Our unique model—originally developed for use by the Mayo Clinic’s neurologists and the Department of Defense—is now available to you.

We pair our proprietary A.I. algorithm with non-invasive brain scan technology and FDA-cleared software to deliver custom insights and a personalized Action Plan.

Our Process

How Brainwell Health Works


Join and Book

Create an account, select your plan, and then schedule your 1-hour, in-person appointment at a Brainwell Health Lab near you.


Pre-Scan Prep

Go about the day before as you normally would, and then show up to the scan with clean, dry hair and no product. We’ll send a reminder 24 hours before.


Get the Scan

You’ll complete a series of challenging cognitive tests that will measure your unique brain function millisecond by millisecond, with the EEG cap on.


Personalized Insights, Fast

Receive a user-friendly report and Brainwell Score, which distills millions of data points into an intuitive score across all 18 key brain wellness metrics.


Take Action

We provide a custom Action Plan specifically targeting your brain’s needs, helping you to improve your Brainwell Score and cognitive function.

Customer Testimonials

Science-Backed Results, Trusted by You

“The Brainwell Health report didn’t just offer clarity—it offered a path. Now, every step I take, whether it’s diet or exercise, I do so with my brain’s wellbeing in mind.”

Boris G.

“Not only did they provide insights into my current brain health, they also offered actionable steps for improvement, like an exercise regimen and more.”

John B.

“My Brainwell Health scan was a seamless blend of fun and challenging! I enjoyed the various brain tests, which felt like video games or puzzles. Since the report, I’ve made positive changes!”

Jade B.

86 Billion Neurons.
One Life-Changing Scan.